If you are contemplating divorce, or have recently filed or been served with a petition and summons initiating divorce proceedings (also referred to as dissolution of marriage proceedings) you may wish to contact The Law Office of Matthew J. Rudy for a free one-hour consultation. Even if your case has been pending for months or years, a consultation with The Law Office of Matthew J. Rudy may help you identify how to narrow the remaining issues and expedite a resolution to your divorce.

Divorce proceedings may cover a range of issues discussed in greater detail on the pages linked to at right. It is not unusual for a divorce to address issues pertaining to child custody and visitation, child support, temporary spousal support and permanent spousal support, characterization, valuation and division of property, a determination regarding the validity of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement or even domestic violence.

Combining experience and skilled legal representation with a focus on results, The Law Office of Matthew J. Rudy has experience resolving varied cases ranging from relatively simple matters involving no child custody and limited property issues to highly contested child custody proceedings to complicated financial issues involving assets worth eight figures or more.

The Law Office of Matthew J. Rudy believes that a reasonable settlement is better than the cost and uncertainty of trial proceedings. Founding attorney Matthew J. Rudy is proud of his track record of successful settlements. However, we recognize that the best way to ensure a favorable settlement is to be fully prepared to proceed to trial when necessary and Matthew J. Rudy has acquired significant litigation experience in law and motion proceedings, long cause hearings (those lasting less than ½ day) and multi-day trials.

Whether you find yourself contemplating a divorce, just starting divorce proceedings or trying to bring a close to ongoing divorce proceedings, contact The Law Office of Matthew J. Rudy for a free one-hour consultation regarding your legal rights and obligations.

To schedule a free one hour consultation please contact The Law Office of Matthew J. Rudy