Child Custody and Visitation

The most important issue for any parent going through a divorce is a determination of the child custody and visitation schedules and orders to be made for their children.
Each county has somewhat different child custody procedures. California law generally requires that the parents participate in mediation before the Court will make orders with regards to child custody and visitation. In some counties, Santa Clara County being one example, the mediation process is confidential and to the extent that mediation does not result in an agreement the proceedings remain confidential.

Generally, the other Bay Area counties use recommending mediation where the mediator has the authority to make recommendations to the Court on any custody and visitation issues on which the parties disagree.

When navigating the often confusing and frustrating custody and visitation litigation path in California it is helpful to have the services of a skilled and knowledgeable attorney. Matthew J. Rudy, the principal attorney of The Law Offices of Matthew J. Rudy has represented hundreds of clients in child custody and visitation proceedings.

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